Everyone who knew him called him Andy. They called him if they had a problem, or if they needed help, or if they just wanted to hear a reassuring voice. And he always answered. He always did whatever he could. He had time for everyone. That’s who he was.

A quiet hero.

Our hero.

November 20, 2015 our hero left his office for the last time. He left the light on, because he still had work to do. There were still people to help.

He was coming back.

But hearts that big can only beat for so long.

Every beat was a moment of adventure or joy or love. Because that’s who he was.

His heart beats on in his loving wife Linda, and his daughters Andrea, Kim and Sheila. His smile shines on in the hearts of his grandchildren and son- in- laws.

And Tequila the dog misses his Grandpa.

He will be laid to rest quietly, surrounded by the love and respect that he always gave everyone.

In lieu of flowers, please call your Dad…and tell him you love him. Please help someone. Be a hero.

P.S. The light is still on Andy. You know the way home