Yes…another clever phone scam meant to scare you into revealing information or sending cash.  Here’s how it goes…

One of our clients received a call from someone claiming to be from the “Canadian Government”.  The caller tells them that they are being charged with “Defrauding the government”, and asks them to review personal information.  They then ask if you are able to obtain legal representation.  The caller had a southern accent and was quite aggressive and became rude and threatening.  When our client asked questions, the man hung up, leaving a number to call back.  The number answers “This is Canada Revenue.  For personal tax press one for business tax press two”…then the number goes busy and cuts off.

The call back number was 1-888-539-8224.  DO NOT CALL BACK.

If you get a call of this nature, hang up immediately and give the caller no information.

Here is a notice from the real CRA regarding scams.  CLINK LINK 

You can always call us for more  info!