Get all the deductions you’re entitled to!

To help you maximize your money, we’ve put together this list of documents, receipts and information.

  • Not everything on this list will pertain to you, but be sure to bring in all the things that do.
  • T4 slips (employment income)
  • T3, T5, T5008 (mutual funds, dividends and interest income)
  • Carrying charges/Broker fees for investments
  • T4A-OAS, T4AP (CPP benefits and Old Age Security)
  • T4A (additional annuities and pensions)
  • T5007 (Workers’ compensation and Social assistance benefits)
  • T4E (Employment Insurance benefits)
  • T2202A (Tuition)/Student loan interest
  • And any additional slips or information.
  • Medical Expenses
  • RRSP contributions slips
  • Charitable/political donations (receipts must include CRA registration number)
  • Child Care
  • Child/Spousal Support
  • Senior/Disabled home renovations
  • Union Dues/Professional Certification Exam costs
  • Teacher school supplies (with written certification form)
  • Tool costs (tradespersons)
  • Additional employment expenses
  • Moving expenses (minimum 40 KMS to be closer to school or work)
  • Rental Property expenses/income
  • Business expenses/income (may include Home office/Vehicle expenses)
  • Farm/Fishing expenses/income
  • T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment and receipts


  • Any letters from the CRA including your Notice of Assessment
  • Information regarding the sale of your principal residence
  • Disability tax credit documentation.
  • Volunteer Firefighter/Search and Rescue certification
  • Sale of Real estate
  • Sale of Stocks and Bonds


  • Some things may have changed for you this past year.  Here’s a list of some important information to bring us up to date on.
  • Did you move or change any contact information since we saw you last?
  • Any new dependants?
  • Do you own any foreign property valued at more than $100,000?
  • Have you retired?
  • Any change in marital/common law status?
    Do you support a spouse/common law partner or a dependant with a physical or mental impairment?