First of all-staying safe and healthy is priority one for everyone.  As a result, we have instituted a few changes in how we normally operate through this tax season.   If at all possible we prefer to work by phone or email.  If you are dropping of your taxes or other materials, follow the sign to our ground floor porch.  There is a bin there to place them in.  Ring the bell on the desk and we will be up immediately to safely retrieve your files.  We will be putting all materials in a closed bin with disinfectant for 24 hours before handling them. If you are picking up your returns, you may come downstairs as usual, but contact will be limited.  While the deadline has been moved to June 1st for personal returns, we encourage you to get your filing done sooner instead of later to help ensure that you receive your proper credits and refund where applicable.  Contact us by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns.  And above all else…stay safe and healthy and be kind to everyone.