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Welcome to Baker Karklins Associates
Your Partner In Business!

We are a full-service Accounting firm located in Burlington, Ontario, at 3441 New Street.


CALL US TODAY AT 905-639-3803

Your Partner
In Business!

Baker Karklins & Associates are the experts that thousands of people count on to prepare their personal tax returns every year.

On the corporate side, Baker Karklins & Associates provides a full range of business solutions and services – but the real key is communication – when you need answers, they’re just a phone call away.

BKA is also a valuable resource as Quickbooks ProAdvisors.  Our clients count on us, to organize their accounting system and for on-going support and advice.

The Latest From BKA

WARNING: New CRA Phone Scam!

WARNING: New CRA Phone Scam!

Yes…another clever phone scam meant to scare you into revealing information or sending cash.  Here’s how it goes… One of our clients received a call from someone claiming to be from the “Canadian Government”.  The caller tells them that they are being charged with...

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We Love You Andy

We Love You Andy

Everyone who knew him called him Andy. They called him if they had a problem, or if they needed help, or if they just wanted to hear a reassuring voice. And he always answered. He always did whatever he could. He had time for everyone. That’s who he was. A quiet hero....

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WARNING: New CRA Phone Scam!

BEWARE: Income Tax Refund Scam!

Baker Karklins & Associates can’t say this enough times…the CRA will NOT contact you by email. If you get an email telling you to claim your income tax refund by clicking on a link…DO NOT DO IT (sorry to shout, but this is really important).  It is a scam that can...

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How Can We Help?

Baker Karkins Associates has been serving the accounting needs of Burlington and the surrounding areas for years. If you need help managing any aspect of your home or business’s finances, we want to hear from you.

Please fill out this form and let us know how we can be of service. Thank you for visiting. We look forward to working together!